Deception in BJJ

Unlike most sports (and even many martial arts) there is no “best body type” for BJJ and there is also no best way to play it. Everyone learns similar fundamentals, but especially once you get to purple or even blue belt you will start to personalize your style with the techniques and approach that work for you. One of the more common approaches in Jiu-Jitsu is the approach of deception – with the goal in mind of setting up the opponent to think you’re doing one thing while planning another. This can be a very efficient method, especially when fighting opponents that are bigger, stronger or faster.

However, laying traps and deceiving the opponent requires several different skills, and in my experience there is one skill that is often neglected – the skill of selling the first attack. For example, one common pairing is the triangle choke and the armbar. When you attack with a triangle choke, the opponent is likely to try to posture up, leaving their arm vulnerable to the armbar. However, if that was always the plan then fighters will sometimes slack off on the triangle attack. Since the threat of the triangle isn’t real, they don’t panic and posture up as quickly, so the armbar isn’t there either. Even if you’re thinking a few steps ahead, there’s never a time in jiu-jitsu where it’s a good idea to be sloppy or uncommitted on a technique especially against high level opponents. Check out this video of another combination technique for when opponents stack you in the armbar!

This all may seem overwhelming if you’re a beginner, but advanced techniques in BJJ are often just layered basics. Come in and try BJJ for 30 days free, and you’ll be amazed at what you can learn in just a few classes!

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