Start of the School Year

Summer is over and it’s time to get back to school and the regular routine of sports activities. September is the month to try something new. May we suggest trying Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)?

BJJ is a great sport for young kids and here’s why.
– Confidence
– Focus
– Discipline
– Making Friends
– Having Fun
– Being Active
The process of BJJ is different from other martial arts. First, you are shown a technique that you haven’t seen before that can look very difficult and complicated. Then step by step we go through the motions of the technique and slowly piece together what it’s supposed to look like. We then work the techniques against increased resistance. This allows us to develop the ability to use the technique and gain a deeper understanding of why the technique is performed the way it is. BJJ is not a monkey-see- monkey-do martial art. It is a challenge that is rewarding, especially in that moment when the technique clicks in. The process of learning BJJ is what develops focus and discipline in every student. With children, we often disguise techniques in skill-building games that encourage physical awareness, paying attention, and building endurance. Once a technique is understood, it is the feeling of accomplishment that builds confidence on the mats and more importantly off the mats. All the while, the kids are having fun and making new friends.

Give us a call and start your 30-day FREE trial. Contact Professor Tyson LaRone at (780) 217-

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