Common BJJ Mistakes

BJJ may look like a wild scramble, a furious ball of flailing limbs writhing up and slamming down. However, BJJ is deceptively intricate one wrong move and you’ll find yourself pinned in submission more effectively than when your older brother used to hold you down and shove socks in your mouth. It’s because of this BJJ can be tough to grasps, and incredibly frustrating for beginners. If your looking to stop using the arena as a glorified drum kit and tapping out, we have highlighted some common mistakes that are easily made in the heat of a BJJ sparring session.

1. Multiple Attacks

Multiple-Opponents-Step-5Bullet2Perhaps the most common, but also the easiest to correct. Countless begins launch into an attack with one technique in mind. They struggle relentlessly to apply the technique, even when its painfully obvious that it has failed and isn’t going to get you anywhere.

If you triple your attacks by using a simple three technique combination, you’ll be surprised at how close you come to tripling your success rate and win ratio. Attack with a specific technique in mind, but anticipate your opponent is going to defend your advance. Here is where you apply the counter to their counter! A key aspect of sending an opponent sprawling to the ground is the distribution of weight and centre of balance. As your opponent moves to counter, these both change, giving you the chance to sweep in with the second attack and introduce them to the floor.

2. Knowing When to Defend

BJJ Self DEfenseGenerally speaking, if you’re below your opponent you should be thinking about defence. Power from above will usually overwhelm an assault from below. This is not the case though, if you keep a solid guard. The most important part of being pinned, is noticing when you concede an attack, look to defend and then escape.

The art of escape is tricky, trying to attack to escape could result in your arms being barred or leaving yourself exposed for a choke, trying to explode to escape leaves you wide open to a barrage of attacks.

By keeping your guard strong, and looking patiently for an opening, you limit the ability and frustrate the attacker, improving the chances of escape.

3. Bluffing

After you’ve been training for a while, and can recognise your own mistakes, you can use them to your advantage especially against a more accomplished grappler than yourself. By bluffing, you give yourself the opportunity to humiliate a higher grade, something you should jump on. By making a deliberate mistake to draw in your opponent you effectively bait their move allowing you to counter there approach and turn the tide of the grapple.

Bait for the opening and then capitalise. This runs the risk of not working, and takes patience and practice, but can be a powerful tool to add to your BJJ arsenal.

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