Getting Started in BJJ

DSC_0046For beginners who are just getting started with training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, it can seem like there is so much new information that needs to be learned as soon as possible. It’s an exciting and confusing time all at once. Below are some basic things to know as you get started with BJJ.


Find a Good Place to Train

Possibly the most important first step is to find the right place to train. Find a school with great instructors who offer great support and feedback that can help you improve your skills. The instructor should be a certified black belt. Also, the other students should have good attitudes and shouldn’t be too hard on you. If you start to feel uncomfortable or like people are being too rough, find another place to train.


Get the Right Equipment

To train in BJJ, you’ll need the proper uniform. This is called a gi and is worn by all who practice this sport. Practicing in a gi from the start of your training will ensure that you are used to training and sparring in it. You’ll also receive a belt that is worn over you gi when you start training. Generally, the simplest way to tie it is in a square knot.


Practice Proper Etiquette

Like all sports, there are certain rules that should be followed while training in BJJ. Clearly, it’s best to avoid using foul language or be overly aggressive towards the instructor or your fellow students. Keep your uniform clean and don’t come to class looking like a total slob.

Before sparring or starting a fight, bow or shake hands with your opponent. This shows respect and goes back to the origins of the sport. Also, when sparring, don’t be too rough. Remember that BJJ is about using controlled moves, not beating your opponent to a pulp.


What Not to Wear to BJJ Class

For your own safety, there are some things that you should never, ever wear when training. Before class, take off your glasses, if you wear them, and all jewelry, including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings. It’s also a good idea to trim your nails regularly and avoid growing them out too long. However, feel free to paint your nails.

Out of consideration towards your classmates, refrain from wearing any perfumes or scented oils to class. While others will thank you for putting on deodorant before class, fragrances can be distracting for others, even if they don’t seem that strong to you.


Practice Regularly

Be sure to attend your BJJ lessons regularly. Let your instructor know if you will be absent for an extended amount of time. Consistent and frequent practice is key for improving your BJJ ability. There are a number of DVD’s and resources available online that can be helpful for practicing on your own as well, just use them responsibly.

Practicing BJJ is an extremely rewarding experience. A great thing about it, especially compared to some other martial arts, is that your size doesn’t matter. Your ability in BJJ has to do with how well you’ve mastered the techniques. Use this information to get off to a great start!



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